A Los Angeles based yoga exercise teacher, Tiffany Cruikshank is a worldwide reknown yoga educator, author as well as wellness & health expert.

Known as an educator’s teacher, Tiffany has actually composed for as well as beautified the cover of several prominent magazines including: Nike, Lululemon, KiraGrace, Liquido Active and also Yogi Tea, the cover of Yoga Journal, Om Yoga Magazine, Mantra Yoga exercise & Wellness Magazine, Origin Publication, Thrive Magazine & International Way of living Magazine.

Tiffany has a pre-med Bachelor’s level in Medicinal Plant Biology & Nutrition as well as a Masters level in Acupuncture & Asian Medicine as well as a specialty in Sports Medication & Orthopedics.

Tiffany is presently owner of Yoga Medicine where she utilizes her skills to train teachers around the world to work even more incredibly with their students. Yoga exercise Medication is a detailed, anatomically based training system that trains educators throughout the globe to function even more powerfully with their students.

In this exclusive interview Tiffany talks regarding just how yoga exercise and yoga medication can assist people heal and also transform.

How long have you been doing yoga? What drew you to the lifestyle?

Over twenty years, as a teenager yoga exercise was a present for me to learn how to really feel comfortable in my skin, throughout the years it has actually transformed for me many times over. Occasionally being more of a workout, fun arm harmonizing or now days more as a resource of medication for my psychological & physical therapy as well as my spirit.

What do you love the most around yoga?

I love that yoga exercise could use numerous different faces. It can be whatever we require back then in our lives (workout, physical therapy, spiritual practice, mental emphasis, cross training …). I like that the basic points could often be the most powerful, which is why I never ever avoid my meditation practice.

Tell me a bit regarding yoga exercise medicine as well as why you exercise it. Just what’s the very best part of mentor yoga medication?

I’ve studied alternative medicine because I was 14yrs old. I apprenticed with an herbalist and after that an acupuncturist while I remained in high institution & university after that took place to Chinese Medicine school and continued on to finish a specialized in sporting activities medicine so for me Yoga exercise Medicine is the end result of my life’s study.

It’s truly exciting to me to be able to bring with each other both of my enthusiasms in one area. Our primary emphasis is to create a connection with yoga exercise in our medical system. Our teacher trainings are a full 1000hrs and also are indicated to be like clinical school for yoga exercise educators to ensure that they can understand the fusion of east & west right into a much more effective system of treatment.

Our teachers are a resource for medical professional & clients throughout the globe trying to find instructors who are educated to recognize the composition & physiology on an extremely deep level to be able to deal with medical professionals & health and wellness care service providers to develop a much more powerful approach to health.


Does yoga medication job despite just what style of yoga exercise one methods, or is it particular to a specific style?

Yoga Medicine is about having a deep understanding of the eastern & western strategy that could be put on any style. The style you pick has more to do with exactly what your body demands as well as your individual inclination.

I prefer to train my educators to believe, to be able to see the body from numerous techniques and to understand that there is not just one way.

Yoga is not implied to be a straight coat that we compel to fit everybody, particularly with those who are wounded or ill. We have to have the ability to adjust the method to suit our should remove the medicinal qualities from it.

I have dysautonomia, which implies my free worried system does not function. Yoga has actually helped me recover and become healthy after years of hardly being able to walk up a flight of staircases. Is that unusual, or have you seen other specialists go through such improvements? Just what was the most motivating change you witnessed?

I’ve seen numerous extraordinary situations over the previous 18 years of mentor, everything from persistent tiredness to MS, cancer, serious injuries, vehicle immune conditions, etc.

All are considerable as well as I’m still regularly surprised at its results, which is exactly what attracted me to create Yoga exercise Medication.

We currently belong on our web site called Share Your Story for people to share their tale both directly & with their pupils to assist physicians & people see the massive prospective yoga has to be restorative.

What are yoga prescriptions and also just how do they work?

Yoga prescriptions is the term I utilize for short personalized yoga regimens for a healing advantage. When I started my Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture method over a years ago I swiftly noticed my yoga exercise patients recovered a lot quicker compared to the others so I started offering yoga poses to my other patients as well as certainly, the outcomes were eye opening.

What guidance do you have for somebody that desires to heal and also change with yoga exercise yet doesn’t understand where to start?

The initial point is basic, discover how you approach your technique. Just changing your ability to approach it as a kind of medicine could be really powerful, notice how the positions influence you & the small amount adjustments you make or poses you do that make a big distinction and also type in on those areas in your technique.

The little traits frequently make a big difference. The 2nd point is to discover a knowledgeable educator to collaborate with, having a specialist eye repays. Look into locate an educator page on