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Meet Dana Santas, a yoga exercise teacher and also effective yogipreneur.
Dana concerned yoga exercise 17 years back, and also given that then has actually ended up being a successful yoga exercise teacher and yoga entrepreneur. Dana is the designer of Distance Yoga, and director of Radius Yoga Conditioning, a growing global yoga-based sports performance training company in order to help athletes relocate, breathe and concentrate in methods that enhance efficiency and decrease injury.
Specializing in professional sports, Dana is the yoga instructor for many groups in MLB, NHL, NFL as well as the NBA, including the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays, Orlando Magic as well as Tampa Bay Lightning. As a worldwide expert in wellness and wellness, Dana is the yoga/movement expert to CNN as well as CNN Wellness. She’s also a consultatory board participant to Darma, the globe’s first “wise seat” cushion.
Dana got her training as a result of the American University of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and also the Postural Repair Institute (PRI). Dana made her B.A. cum laude from Tufts University.
As a skilled registered yoga exercise educator (E-RYT) as well as instructor, she formerly ran a Distance Yoga 200-hr teacher training program through Yoga Alliance, accrediting Radius Yoga instructors.
In this interview, Dana spoke to me concerning yoga exercise as well as her business.

What brought you to yoga?

I was a stressed-out corporate executive, working 80-hour weeks as well as traveling regularly. My workouts, like the rest of my life, were high intensity. I took my very first yoga course while traveling for job. As a previous gymnast, I had little difficulty with the positions, but the focus on stillness as well as breathing was brand-new to me.
As a former sufferer of child abuse, the focus on attaching my body and mind was both terrifying and also cathartic. The even more I practiced, the a lot more I involved recognize that many of my tension was created by a sense of really feeling out of control– as well as yoga exercise was equipping me to retake control of my body and ideas. I ‘d been speeding with my adult life like it was one big emergency.
I was not aware of just how much my life selections and also should be “excellent” were fueled by a desperation to escape from my past to avoid obtaining drew into memories and feelings that, truthfully, pushed me to the edge of my sanity. After yoga assisted me recognize that I prefer to heal than run, I was eventually identified with PTSD and also discovered how to utilize yoga-based techniques to handle the memories without letting them come to be all consuming as well as color my viewpoint of the world.

When did you start teaching?

About 12 years earlier. I proceeded with my business career the first couple years but educated as lots of as seven classes weekly. It really did not take me lengthy to recognize mentor was my true calls. While I educated, I proceeded– as I do today– to examine makeup, biomechanics, neurology, psychology as well as various other topics that aid me better recognize exactly how individuals relocate, breathe as well as feel.
In addition to my certification via Yoga Alliance as well as proceeded research study with Manju Jois, Rodney Yee as well as other amazing yoga educators, I did training as well as accreditations as a result of the American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medication, Postural Remediation Institute, Makeup Trains as well as more.
The much more I found out, the a lot more I wanted to discover. And also I was completely exhilarated by just how much my teaching was affecting various other individuals’s lives– from the woman that attributed me with curing her fibromyalgia to the man who claimed I would certainly eliminated his chronic back pain as well as the myriad people that informed me they rested far better, felt happier, etc. I ‘d never really felt so gratified by as well as enthusiastic regarding anything. And also, directly, I ‘d never really felt so mentally as well as physically healthy before.

How did you begin functioning with professional athletes?

As an avid sports follower, I could not assist yet ask yourself exactly how the intense body recognition as well as control I was personally developing via yoga exercise might aid professional athletes. Therefore, I started looking at just how teams integrated practical motion training right into their stamina & conditioning programs … and, at the time, I was actually stunned to discover that– for the many component– they really did not.
While still taking a trip as an executive, in very early fall 2004, I took place to remain at the same hotel as the Yankees while they goned on the roadway. An opportunity meeting with Derek Jeter in the entrance hall caused spending hrs after the game speaking with him, Jorge Posada and also among their trainers concerning their training, pains and also pains, and mobility restrictions. Shortly afterwards, I decided to quit company The U.S.A. permanently and also begin Distance Yoga exercise with the objective of developing an extremely specific style of yoga conditioning to bring to MLB, the NHL, NFL and also NBA.
Because I was based in Boston, I focused on my yard, within my first year, I contributed to every significant sports group in the city: I was doing exclusive training with Red Sox manager Terry Francona, Boston Bruins objective tender Tim Thomas, two limited ends from the Patriots, as well as the Celtics brought me in to collaborate with pick gamers. I was additionally the yoga exercise fitness instructor for the Boston Fire Department.
From a long-distance perspective, I travelled to Denton, Texas for a college organization baseball team, did some work with the Charlotte Bobcats as well as Washington Redskins, then, in late 2006, I got the call from the Tampa Bay Rays to visit Florida for 3 weeks for my initial MLB spring training gig.
The Rays toughness train, that’s now a great close friend, made introductions to all the various other stamina trains around the area, consisting of the Pirates, Indians, and Blue Jays. I almost really did not go fulfill heaven Jays train, thinking that I wasn’t curious about collaborating with a group based from Canada … great point I did, thinking about that we’re wed seven years today (March 18th) as well as have an amazing 5-year-old son.

Tell me regarding Span Yoga exercise as a brand and also style of yoga exercise. Just what is the objective of Distance Yoga?

Radius Yoga exercise’s objective is in order to help people move, take a breath as well as feel better. I specialize in professional sporting activities training, the overall objective is to help everyone, which is why I create for CNN Wellness and on various other systems to reach a more comprehensive audience.
I created Span Yoga as a hybrid style of yoga exercise and functional mobility training based on my “ABC’s of Yoga exercise ™” (Placement, Breath & Core) that highlights alignment/restoration of the kinetic chain, utilizing appropriate breathing mechanics, and awareness & incorporated involvement of the core (including the hips and diaphragm) as the facility of practical strength and also balance.
I believe the three most special aspects of Distance Yoga as a design are in its focus on mentor accuracy in activity instead than positions, the fundamental idea that flexibility comes from recovering appropriate biomechanics instead than with extending, and also the settlement of science and also yoga exercise philosophy/spirituality.
If you teach understanding of proper breathing as well as movement biomechanics not just within poses however in the manner ins which we relocate effectively right into as well as from stances, you’re reinforcing useful patterns of motion and kinesthetic understanding that transcend yoga on your floor covering to boost overall activity and feature in everyday life/during sport performance.
My biggest pet peeve is that many people assume Distance Yoga exercise is about “making athletes flexible.” I do not educate flexibility as well as, in reality, I’m quite averse to the word. Distance Yoga utilizes yoga as well as “yoga-inspired” positions and movements with certain cuing designed to recover and also enhance useful mobility with activation and inhibition of specific muscle mass. Hamstrings are a terrific example.
Many athletes can not touch their toes as well as the basic “medical diagnosis” is limited hammies. Typically the athletes can not touch their toes since their hamstrings are drawn into a fully extended state by their anteriorly tipped hips and overactive hip flexors as well as back extensors that do not allow correct ahead bending.
If you try to stretch the back of a normal professional athlete’s legs to boost “adaptability,” you are at serious danger of ripping their already lengthened hamstrings. In this instance, Radius Yoga exercise looks at the muscles that typically aren’t shooting that are adding to the secured former pelvic tilt. What muscle mass oppose the over active hip flexors and back extensors? Are the athletes glutes shooting? Transversis abdominus? If we bring back secure, pelvic function the professional athlete will reclaim posterior chain movement as well as have the ability to ahead bend to touch their toes– no hamstring stretching necessary!
Another typical presumption about me/Radius Yoga exercise is that since I specialize in sporting activities training, my design concentrates strictly on the physical aspects of yoga exercise. Radius Yoga exercise is more of a “physiological” approach that incorporates the mind, body and also spirit.
Don’ t get me incorrect: It’s certainly based more on science compared to anything heavy, I just resolve science and spirituality through the idea that cultivating a severe level of body understanding, understanding of the ins and outs of our bodies as well as the ability to leverage our autonomic anxious system leads to awakening real consciousness … enlightenment … samadhi … or whatever you select to call it. If you have bad body posture and your breathing is quick as well as superficial, you are unconsciously walking with your understanding nerve system (fight or flight) constantly engaged.
That frame of mind is stressful and also stressful– and will certainly color your perspective of the globe and also all of your decisions. It will likewise cause muscle imbalances that prevent movement and trigger chronic discomfort due to the useless recruiting of muscles in your upper body, shoulders as well as top back as “accessory” breathing muscular tissues to sustain chest-oriented breathing.
There’s an entire domino effect throughout the body as bad breathing misaligns the rib cage and negatively impacts shoulder girdle integrity, prevents core toughness, compromises the pelvic flooring, hampers pelvic/hip activity … and so forth. As well as your general health will eventually degrade as your imbalanced nerves detrimentally impacts every one of your various other body heating systems, triggering dysfunction and swelling that result in chronic disease.

How does the melding of scientific research and also approach associate with pro sports?

Consider this: How would certainly an MLB pitcher obtain full, secure series of activity in his shoulder with a crookeded rib cage? And, if he’s secured his thoughtful nerves, exactly how quickly can he recover after quiting a hit and be able to face the following batter? Or, after an inadequate getaway on the pile, be able to associate with and also appreciate his family members in the minimal time between games?
To me, this is an ideal image of just how I’m really showing my professional athlete customers yoga exercise that’s not only science based but also sutra based.
The example over speaks with my favored sutra:
Yoga Sutra 1.2 – Yoga exercise chitta vritti nirodha
Yoga stills the fluctuations of the mind
Once you’re encouraged by the understanding of your personal physiology to realize that exactly what you feel in your mind and also body is actually under your control, you are complimentary from the “mind changes” that Patanjali mentions in the sutras. Then the “seer” can really abide in his real nature … seeing the globe from a point of view that is not affected by unnecessary influences on his/her physiology. I instruct and also live this sutra every day.

What’s next for you in the coming year?

More of doing what I enjoy and caring exactly what I do! I have some new exciting tasks happening in terms national collaborations and also sponsorships, the launch of my Span Yoga for Sports Integration training on both coasts in the fall, expanding my online instructor/trainer mentorship program (the next one starts in Might), making a new collection of training video clips readily available, and so a lot more. I’m definitely living a honored life with numerous amazing individuals in it.

Find Dana Online: RadiusYoga.com