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Youth rely on yoga exercise poses & meditation for fun

Over 1,200 individuals, performed yoga exercise, practiced meditation and guided to the electronic beats of bhajans (devotional tracks) on April 30, 2011. The success of Yoga exercise Rave continues, as the event went back to the city of its origin, Buenos Aires.

The four-hour long, non-alcoholic and non-tobacco party started with yogic stretches and heat up by Gustavo Yorgel, an Art of Living volunteer, as well as paved method for a led meditation in the voice of Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of The Fine art of Living.

” Yoga Rave is love overruning! The very first time I went to one, I had not been emotionally well and also as soon as I entered everything changed inside me,” shared an ecstatic Silvana Bisio, a 31-year old from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She proceeded, “This is the very best party I’ve ever been to in my life. ‘So Exactly what Job’ music is a straight connection to divinity. I’ve satisfied the most the upper class of the planet in these parties. Everybody ought to visit that (yoga exercise) party, everybody needs to experience it.”

The musical duo, Nicol├ís Pucci and Rodrigo Bustus, of the ‘So What Project’ band, enthralled the crowd with a slew of bhajans, made with panache and also ease. The hectic ‘Krishna Govinda’, had the target market dancing crazily while the smooth Durgabhajan had them guiding meditatively. The duo continually urged the audience to give their One Hundred Percent and appreciate the now. Guest singer Bernadette Ben, accompanied them for a couple of bhajans which left the audience rapturous.

Finally the holy gathering wrapped up with a meditation which was directed by Sergio Jollivet as well as a video clip regarding the development of meditation.

The principle of Yoga Rave appeared when the Art of Living volunteers tried to find an alternative method to generate entertainment atmosphere without having to use medications, alcohol or cigarette. At first, the plain suggestion of a healthy, balanced and yet fun-filled celebration appeared a paradise, but the exponentially enhancing variety of participants births testimony to the success of Yoga Rave celebrations among young adults as well as adults alike.

” Every little thing began in Argentina 4 years ago with the belief that it was possible to have a different kind of enjoyable. It took area in personal homes but due to the overwhelming success and popularity, it came to be essential to believe of larger places. After loading a nightclub, we saw the need to obtain arranged as well as professionalize the framework of the celebration. From that factor onwards, the number of people going to the Yoga Rave has been enhancing from a few hundreds to thousands,” smiles Sabrina, an Art of Living volunteer as well as one of the coordinators of the event.” We are planning to arrange Yoga exercise Raves in different parts of Argentina– Cordoba, Rosario, Mar del Parta– and later, Paraguay and also Uruguay.”

The funds raised from this event go for the social projects, like ‘Breathe Together’, a program that enables kids from every public college in the country to discover stress-reducing breathing strategies as well as ‘Breathe Planet’, a tree planting campaign in Argentina, which have been initiated by the Art of Living Foundation.