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When diet is incorrect medicine is of no use.
When diet is proper medication is of no need.

Yoga and also food go together. ‘Isn’t really it sufficient just to exercise the Yoga asanas/ presents, do I have to regulate my food?’ ask yourself many. In itself, exercising Yoga asanas is among one of the most beneficial routines, but when complemented with the best food, it could really develop benefits. Eating the right food is an essential component of living a Yogic life.

What we consume, not just affects our physical well being, yet additionally our feelings as well as ideas. Yoga, does not dissect food right into proteins, carbohydrates or fats, rather it classifies them according to the impact they carry the mind and body, right into 3 types– satva, rajas and also tamas. Tamasic food is the sort of food makings us tired or slow-moving, while Rajasic food is that which produces task or restlessness. Whereas, Sattvic food is the kind that makes you feel light, energised as well as enthusiastic.

Not merely the appropriate kind of food, it is vital to eat the correct quantity of food at the ideal time. Overindulging leads to sleepiness while under eating will certainly not provide enough nutrition. Many of the times we understand that our stomach is complete yet attracted by the palate we have the tendency to indulge. The appropriate amount of food could not be measured into mugs or grams, when we pay attention to our body diligently we will certainly recognize when precisely to stop!

We could eat the ideal sort of food in the appropriate quantity yet if we are irregular with our timings then the entire system goes for a throw and also the all-natural rhythm of the body is obstructed. For that reason it is of prime relevance to eat food at the exact same time daily and consume it at normal intervals.

It is claimed that the state of the mind of the person cooking/ eating likewise affects the food. The power in the food prepared by a person while he/she was upset will definitely be reduced compared to that of somebody that cooked it with a sensation of love, contentment as well as gratitude. Paying attention to some calming songs or shouting while food preparation and consuming could aid retain the Prana (vital force energy) in the food.

Yoga likewise recommends a much more customized diet plan baseding on the nature of our constitution. Food that may be beneficial for a person might be unsafe for an individual of another constitution. It is well to consult an Ayurvedic physician to determine exactly what kind of food is essential for you and which ought to be stayed clear of. It is absolutely worthwhile to pay some focus to the food that we consume as the ancient Indian texts say that we are what we eat!

Sattvic foods are those which detoxify the body and also relax the mind They stimulate the body as well as mind into action. In excess, these foods can cause hyperactivity, restlessness, temper, irritability, and also sleeplessness Tamasic food are those which plain the mind and also produce inertia, complication and disorientation
Cooked food that is taken in within 3-4 hours can be thought about sattvic Overly tasty foods are Rajasic Stale or reheated food, oily or heavy food as well as food containing fabricated chemicals drop under this category
Examples – Fresh fruits, green leafy veggies, nuts, grains, fresh milk, specific spices Examples– Zesty food, onion, garlic, tea, coffee, fried food Example– Non vegetarian diet regimen, stagnant food, extreme intake of fats, oil, sugary food