Chanting has been an integral component of all faiths with the ages.

As we sit together in one place, we have various thoughts. When we begin shouting, there is one thought and also one rhythm in all our minds. All minds turn into one. This oneness produces an extensive power that perks up us.

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Yoga of Sound

Chanting enables all various other detects to dissolve into one, and allows the mind to penetrate itself. Chanting can be taken into consideration as the yoga of sound.

Sanskrit incantations particularly have an extremely profound result on the consciousness.

Each Sanskrit letter has a sound, which associates with a specific refined power center (chakra) in our subtle bodies. Sanskrit chanting triggers subtle power centres, which produce a comforting, cleansing as well as invigorating effect.

OM – The Universal Chant

Om is the timeless spiritual noise. It is the sound kind of universal consciousness.

Chants from various faiths and also societies widen our mental limits. It aids us accept as well as transcend all religious beliefs, as well as permits us to experience universal oneness.

When you are shouting OM, become totally involved in it. As the end of the chant, experience the deep silence within. Penetrate that silence. You will certainly return to the Self.

Chanting is reliable while doing yoga exercise poses. Chanting ‘Om Bhaskaraya Namaha’ before Surya Namskar – reduces the anxiety, and also develops the proper atmosphere for the yoga exercise practice. Paying attention to chants during yoga exercise asanas, calms the mind, as well as lets happiness unfold. Chanting at the end of a yoga exercise session, brings deep relaxation.