With the normal technique of yoga, I have actually benefited a lot– literally, psychologically and also mentally. My body has ended up being healthier, more potent and also much more flexible. I have actually had the ability to treat persistent discomforts in my knees as well as neck and I have found out ways to care for bodily pain or pain that could turn up occasionally.

I have additionally found out that to accomplish and also preserve an excellent state of health, I should exercise yoga exercise correctly as well as routinely. But I don’t have to transform as well as twist my body exceedingly and also in abnormal methods, which however seems to be the focus in most yoga courses nowadays. The training and practicing of yoga exercise has actually come to be a competitive display screen of versatility and strength.

Super flexibility and also stamina are admirable and have their places, but in the context of yoga they have hardly any or no use. On the other hand, a fixation for them could be an obstacle on the path of yoga.

Some of my favorite bibles of yoga exercise are the Bhagvat Geeta, Patanjali Yoga exercise Sutras, Yogasara Upanishad and Yoga exercise Vasistha. They all define and discuss Yoga in great lengths yet no place in them are words like physical flexibility and also strength even stated. The Yoga exercise Scriptures are a lot more interested in the well-being of our Mind as well as Spirit.

Yoga, to me, is looking after the body with honor however not obtaining stuck on the body, as it is short-term. It is dealing with the mind yet not providing over-importance to it, as all the mental possibilities are likewise momentary. It is rising over the bodily and psychological as well as staying in contact with the Inner Room we call the Spirit, Self, God, Consciousness, which is non-changing and long-term. The Yoga exercise Scriptures give us the knowledge as well as tricks to attain this state.

Just as an achieved artist turns into one when it comes to the music, and also equally as a hoggish entrepreneur turns into one with cash, similarly an established yogi functions on the planet while remaining one when it comes to the Self.

This is the purpose of Yoga.
Fulfill this objective with self-effort,” says Yoga Vasistha.