Vrksasana yoga tree pose

Vrikshasana – Yoga equilibrium position –
Standing Pose

Vrikshasana or Vrksasana yoga exercise tree pose, is a standing yoga pose. It is also a balancing pose.

Meaning of the sanskrit position name ‘vrikshasana’

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Vriksha / vrksha / vrksa, a Sanskrit word indicates tree in English. As the significance states, the position appears like a strong rooted tree.

While doing this pose, you will be standing and balancing on one leg. Equilibrium may or could not be simple for you. However do the pose baseding on your capability.

In the beginning, you may not be able to hold the posture greater than a number of seconds.

As you exercise daily, you will locate enhancement. Believe of a strong grounded tree while doing this pose. You will certainly learn to be as stable as a strong tree.

Here vrikshasana is given as it must be done. Take notice of both the images, the position of the hands and also the foot next to the thigh. You will likewise locate some suggestions if you are a novice to yoga.

Vrksasana benefits

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  • It strengthens and tones your leg muscles.
  • Strengthens back, upper legs, calves and ankles.
  • Improves sense as well as control of body balance.
  • It eases sciatic nerve pain and reduces fixed feet.
  • Improves focusing ability of mind and concentration

How to do vrikshasana?

You might start with either left or best leg. You will be doing both sides anyway.

  • Stand in samasthiti. Lift ideal leg as well as place your ideal foot on the in of the left thigh, toes directing downwards (see the image of the woman above). That suggests you will certainly be standing on your left leg. Your weight will certainly be on your left leg.
  • Raise your hands from the sides and sign up with the palms above your head.
  • Stretch up the hands as much as possible.Hold as long as you could while breathing deeply.
  • Then slowly, bring the hands down then bring down the appropriate leg on the flooring beside your left leg.
  • Now lift up the left leg as well as put the left foot on the within the appropriate thigh.
  • Lift both hands as well as sign up with the hands above your head.
  • Hold the present as long as you can.
  • Bring the arms down and place the leg down and also relax.

One collection of vrikshasana is full. Do 2 or 3 collections on each side.

Tips for the newbie to vrkshasana yoga exercise tree pose.

As you exercise a lot more, you will have the ability to raise both leg and arms up as well as down with each other.

In the start, you could not be able to stabilize for long. When it comes to method, stabilizing time will improve.

If you are unable to stabilize even for a few seconds, stand closer to a chair or a wall.

Put your hand to the wall or chair to sustain yourself whenever you feel you are losing balance.

Within a few days, you will certainly be able to equilibrium without support.

Raise your hands directly up rather than signing up with the hands.

If you are not able to take your foot as high as the thigh, place it above the knee, as high as possible( see the foot placement in the image of the guy above).


  • If you have high blood pressure, do not keep hands increased for long.
  • You might maintain your hands joined at breast in Anjali Mudra (Namaste mudra)( see the picture of the woman over).
  • Do refrain this asana if you have had a knee or hip injury.