Utthita trikonasana-exteneded triangular pose

Yoga standing pose – yoga exercise basic pose

Utthita trikonasana-exteneded triangular position is among the basic yoga exercise postures that beginner yoga professional learns. It is one of the very easy asanas.

Utthita trikonasana or extended triangle posture is a standing yoga exercise pose.

Meaning of utthita trikonasana – expanded triangular pose

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The Sanskrit word Utthita indicates extensive or stretched.

Trikona indicates three angles/ triangle (tri = three + kona= angle). Asana = pose/ pose/ position.

As with various other yoga exercise postures, though the newbie may not be able to obtain into the ideal trikonasana, doing it according you your adaptability is still useful.

Trikonasana is done on both the sides, left as well as. You could start when it comes to either left or right. Simply bear in mind to do both the sides.

Below we are beginning when it comes to the best side.

How to do utthita trikonasana – expanded triangular pose

  1. Stand in tadasana/ samasthiti.Inhale deeply.
  2. Spread your legs apart. Expand and your arms to the shoulder level.
  3. Let the palms face down. Arms must be parallel to the ground.
  4. Turn best foot outwards to the. Transform left foot a little to the.
  5. Both legs ought to be straight and ought to not flex at the knee.
  6. While exhaling, bend the top body to the best side reaching (or attempting to get to) the ideal ankle. If you can, rest the appropriate palm on the flooring or touch the floor.
  7. Raise and extend the left arm till it is in line with the appropriate shoulder.
  8. Stretch the arms far from each other.Turn your visit take a look at the left hand thumb which is extended upwards.
  9. Remain in the pose for 30 – One Minute. Take a breath deeply and also progressively while in the posture.
  10. Then, while breathing in, raise the best hand from the ankle joint or flooring. Straighten your upper body and go back to samasthiti.

You have done trikonasana on the ideal side. Currently you have to do the same for the left side.

  1. You are standing when it comes to your legs apart. Transform the left foot outside to the left. Turn the appropriate food a little to the left.
  2. While exhaling, bend the upper body to the left side reaching the appropriate ankle joint or floor.
  3. Stretch the ideal arm upward till it remains in line when it comes to the left shoulder. Stretch the arms far from each other.
  4. Turn your head to take a look at the right-hand man extended upwards.
  5. Remain in the position for 30 – 60 seconds. Breathe deeply and also steadily while in the pose.
  6. Then, while breathing in, raise the left hand from the ankle joint or floor. Straighten your upper body as well as return to samasthiti.

You have now completed utthita trikonasana or the extended triangle pose.

Benefits of utthita trikonasana – extended triangular pose

  • This asana gets rid of rigidity from the neck, shoulders, as well as knees, legs and hips.
  • It tones up the back nerves as well as stomach body organs, leg muscle mass and also strengthens the ankles.
  •  It can eliminate lower pain in the back and neck pain.
  • It develops the chest.
  • Reduces acidity and flatulence.
  •  Improves digestion as well as appetite.

Taking treatment while doing trikonasana

  • If you have severe back problem, do not trikonasana.
  • If you have hypertension or really feel woozy, have spondilysis do not transform the visit look upwards.
  •  If you find it hard to keep balance do trikosana versus a wall. Do not raise arm, maintain it on the hip.