Bikram yoga exercise is among the most popular kinds of yoga exercise with numerous Bikram colleges throughout the globe. Bikram yoga is a collection of 26 presents performed in a hot room, the objective being it’s simpler for you to get much deeper into the stretches. Experts believe the sweat you generate while doing Bikram yoga also aids you detox.

While Bikram sounds terrific (as well as comforting throughout cool months), it is not without its risks. The biggest danger being slippage. If you do not have a mat developed with hold in mind, you will certainly be sliding everything about. I have had this issue, and also it took me a couple of months of careful research to locate the most effective yoga exercise mats for when you’re getting perspiring. Right here’s exactly what made the cut.

5. Kulae tpECOPlus

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This environmentally friendly yoga exercise mat is made from a closed cell building that implies germs as well as wetness don’t soak up. At 5mm thick and also 2.5 pounds this floor covering is extremely portable. The surface area is textured to assist provide you hold during your course. Purchase it at

4. Jade Harmony Pro


Jade mats are made from all-natural rubber with an open cell construction that will certainly provide you outstanding grip and cushion for your warm yoga practice. This mat sheds hold after a couple of customers if you don’t make sure to clean it, so make certain to spray it down with watered down massaging alcohol as well as lavender oil once a week. Buy it at

3.GAIAM Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat

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This GAIAM brand yoga floor covering is created with hot yoga exercise in mind. Printed with gorgeous styles, this floor covering is created with an overcoat that assures to wick away dampness and provide better hold as temperature levels in class increase. Acquire it on

2. Prana E.C.O

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pRana makes an outstanding latex as well as PVC free yoga floor covering that is perfect for warm yoga exercise. This floor covering is called the E.C.O. and also is made out of TPE thermo plastic with an anti-slip textured surfaces that makes it much easier for you to maintain your grip. Made in a green and also sustainable style, this floor covering has rounded edges and also fantastic colours. Purchase it at

1. Manduka eKo Mat

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I am a significant fan of my Manduka eKo Floor covering. This mat is environmentally friendly and made from all-natural rubber. It has a little bit of a scent when you first obtain it, however that was fixed by placing it on the deck for a couple days as well as allowing it air out. This floor covering is thick and also durable with a grippy distinctive surface area that maintains me from sliding around. This is the floor covering I have and also use for my very own classes. Acquire it at [Get 10% off your Manduka eKo with code 42YOGIS]

What are your favourite mats for Bikram yoga exercise? Let us recognize in the comments.