yoga nidra

Within you, one moment of silence.
A depend on, the one location you can resort to for support,
it could seem like somebody else, but it’s just your highest, reaching to you.

I have actually been speaking to my Mama practically everyday. I locate myself walking, as well as on my way
I reach for my phone to load her in, to remind her that neither of us are alone,
but obviously, her body is gone. It’s been 5 weeks now.

And each time I fail to remember, and reach to contact us to her, currently I simply placed in my earphones and
say it, Hi Mama. I miss you, I really have no idea how else to get to you.

So while I’m walking, like I made use of to, I’m paying attention for your questions
( they utilized to be troublesome, currently I pay attention for them like my preferred tracks),
and your insight (and the climate, now I have to in fact look it up),
and your most arbitrary ideas (which I can still listen to, as well as currently, they too are music),

call me insane, but I may be getting used to this.

Within me. One minute of silence.
A trust, the one place I can resort to for guidance.
It actually does seem like her. Yet I know it’s simply my highest.

Lead Image by Pete Longworth