Sukhasana yoga easy pose

Sukhasana, easy posture is a seated yoga leisure pose

Sukhasana yoga easy pose is a sittinged yoga pose. It is a relaxing yoga exercise position where you rest in a cross legged placement. Sukhasana is one of the easiest seated positions where you could sit conveniently even as a beginner yoga exercise practitioner.

Meaning of sukhasana


The Sanskrit word sukha suggests pleasure, comfort, ease, happiness. Asana means posture, placement.

Sukha + asana = sukhasana = comfortable, easy pose.

There are various other seated presents such as Padmasana (lotus present) or Vajrasana (thunderbolt or diamond posture) which a newbie could not be able to do.

Benefits of Sukhasana

  • Calms the brain, mind.
  • Strengthens the back/spine when you rest straight.
  • Stretches the knees as well as ankle.
  • Improves posture.
  • This posture is relaxing for heartburn – acid reflux.
  • Improves food digestion by enhancing blood supply to the intestines.

When to do Sukhasana – Easy pose

Sukhasana is utilized to sit while doing pranayama, while doing Mudra method along with in between positions to unwind while doing yoga practice.

It is additionally a chosen posture for lots of to do meditation. You might sit in this placement as long as you feel comfy.

How to do sukhasana – yoga easy pose

  • Sit on your yoga exercise mat, blanket or carpeting with your legs extended ahead.
  • Bend your best leg at knee as well as tuck your foot below your left thigh.
  • Bend your left leg and also tuck it listed below right as for it is comfortable – your ankle joints are crossed.
  • Your back should be directly, the belly in. Keep head straight as well as look in advance or close the eyes if your wish.
  • You may keep your practical your knees palms dealing with upwards or in Gyan mudra (Keep your forefinger touching the thumb and also the other 3 fingers directly. You could also keep your practical the knees palms dealing with downwards.
  • Relax your face muscular tissues as well as mandible. Your body should be loosened up too.
  • Breathe deeply and conveniently. Feel your breath going in and out.
  • You might sit in this placement as long as you fit. you may additionally alter the leg placements. That is, put the left leg below the best thigh and the appropriate leg below the left knee.

If you are not able to sit for long in the placement, enhance the period gradually. You could maintain a pillow or a folded up covering under your knee for support in the beginning.

Supta Sukhasana – Reclining very easy pose

Supta Sukhasana is a reclining, simple, cross-legged pose.

Sit in sukhasana on the floor with legs crossed comfortably as clarified over.

Go backwards on your joints and relax. Let your back be fixed on the floor.

You may make use of reinforces, cushions or blankets to raise as well as support your head and also neck.

You may allow your arms unwind on the side or stretch arms over your directly the floor.

Stretch out the spinal column as you lay yourself fixed on your back.

Close your eyes as well as breathe in an unwinded way for as much as 5 to 8 mins, then cross your legs the various other means and proceed for the exact same quantity of time.

Caution while doing sukhasana – simple pose

  1. Remember the name of this asana. It must really feel comfy and also not excruciating at any type of time.
  2. This asana ought to not be done throughout pregnancy.
  3. Avoid this asana if struggling with stacks or hernia.
  4. If you have any kind of back trouble/ discomfort, stay clear of doing this pose.
  5. Do not do this asana if you had any type of stomach surgery.
  6. Do not do this asana if you have a back or hip injury.