Sattvic food – Sattvic diet plan – yoga diet

Vegetarian diet regimen is basis for sattvic diet

Sattvik or Sattvic food is the purest of all foods. It is health foods that our body really needs. It nourishes the body and is calming to the mind in addition to body as well as consequently it is suggested as a yoga exercise diet.

Why Sattvic diet regimen is recommended as yoga exercise diet

Vegetarian diet is suggested for yoga diet plan These foods are simple, light as well as very easy on digestion and also provide all the nutrients to the body.

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Sattvic foods promote peace and harmony. It calms the mind and also helps it to reach its best potential.

These foods improve our physical and mental vitality, lightness in body and clarity of thought.

These foods provide the positive energy, prana to our mind and body. It boosts resistance to conditions.

Our food influences our mind and body, our thoughts and also emotions so it is required to prepare and also eat with care. The food needs to be made with fresh ingredients and also needs to be freshly prepared for every meal.

These foods are simple to absorb, refreshing as well as cooling to the body as well as relaxing to the mind.

Food also has to be chewed well as well as meticulously and also it ought to be consumed in small quantities.

The food need to be appreciated for its preference as well as top quality and not due to the added salt, flavors and also spices. When these are included in excess, we may consume just for the taste and not since the body needs it. In such instances eating way too much occurs which creates tamasic energy.

Which Satvic foods are advised as yogic diet

  • Fruits such as apple, bananas, day, melons, oranges, mangoes are taken into consideration sattvic.
  •  Among Dairy items cow milk as well as related items are the most effective. Milk, butter, ghee (made clear butter), fresh homemade cheese (paneer), whey, frsh yoghurt (curd- dahi) butter milk, lassi are all recommended.
  • Among spices fresh ginger, cardamom, turmeric, coriander, fennel, basil, cumin seed (jira), cinnamon (dalchini)) are recommended however the warm flavors such as cloves and also peppers, red pepper, garlic are excluded.
  • Among nuts fresh nuts as well as seeds both raw and also lightly baked and also salted are allowed in small quantity such as almonds, coconut, ache nuts, walnuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds 
  • Vegetables – most light vegetables are taken into consideration sattvic such as green leafy veggies, wonderful potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets, celery and so on. Pungent vegetable such as hot peppers, onion as well as garlic are not all right and gas developing vegetables such as potatoes and mushrooms are considered rajasic. Fresh-made veggie juices are advised for their prana as well as live enzymes as these could be easily absorbed.
  • Legumes and beans – Many type of beans split moong beans, divided yellow peas, bean sprouts and also lentils are taken into consideration sattvic. 
  • Sweeteners – raw honey as well as raw sugar are suggested but fine-tuned sugar is not acceptable.
  • Well cooked whole grains give great nourishment to body. Rice, entire wheat, oat dish, barely, millet grains are advised. Some grains are baked or sprouted before food preparation. Unprocessed grains, rugged rice such as brownish rice is recommended.