iyengar yoga

Within the yoga practice, there are several ‘locks,’ or bandhas, that function to sustain, structure, and soften any kind of provided position. The tummy lock, also called uddiyanna bandha, entails accessing and comprehending the musculature of the abdomen. The origin lock, or mula bandha, involves accessing as well as comprehending the musculature of the pelvic flooring. The third lock talked about below is called jalandara bandha, and also it includes a constraint of the throat as well as a lengthening of the cervical spine.

We bring recognition to these locations in order to manage the breath and also guide the flow of energy. The very first two bandhas are nearly constantly taken part in the asana practice, nonetheless, janlandhara bandha is less often used on the floor covering in the traditional sense. Oftentimes, we utilize this bandha in breathing exercises to cut off the breath completely. In this video, adhere to along as Jessica Walden, an Ashtanga yoga exercise educator based in Encinitas, California, offers a jalandhara bandha explainer as well as reveals the ins and outs behind the practice.