If you wish to take your technique to new heights, utilizing a yoga swing could help. Freedom from gravitational force equips the body to complete further backbends, more invigorating inversions, and also greater tests of strength.

What Is a Yoga Swing?

If you’ve asked yourself at the capabilities of acrobats or flying trapeze musicians, visualize being able to incorporate both abilities together. A yoga swing is a put on hold system of fabric, ropes, and takes care of that enables you to move up and down or flat in the air. The lengthiest and widest material piece supports the pelvis, which allows you to prolong your limbs as well as bend onward or in reverse with ease.

Yoga swings are preferred tools in Antigravity Yoga exercise as well as various other sorts of acrobatic yoga. OmGym reated this demo video clip to show the many methods you can use these devices.

How to Use a Yoga Swing

Before investing in a yoga swing, take into consideration several of the list below aspects:

Personal Safety

bikram yoga Inversion Sling – Yoga Swing

It’s important to first consult your wellness expert prior to trying a brand-new workout program. A yoga exercise swing might not be the very best alternative if you have:

  • Spinal issues
  • Ear, nose, sinus, or head conditions
  • Circulation difficulties
  • Compromised bone issues in the torso or hips

Most turn manufacturers do not suggest ladies joining this activity while expectant. In addition, equally as when it comes to a mat-based yoga exercise technique, prevent swing inversions while menstruating.

Weight is not necessarily an aspect with yoga exercise swings. You’ll have to assess both individual weight as well as the suspension system to determine optimal ability. The average swing could suit 250-300 lbs. It’s not a good idea to feature 2 people on the swing at once.

Swing Set Up

Most swing models can be put on hold from a tree limb, door jam, ceiling hooks, cross beams, or suspension shelfs that are sold independently. Nevertheless, the suspension method needs to be safe and secure. For instance, you’ll have higher assistance from a cross beam than you will ceiling hooks not establish right into a joist. Depending upon the layout of your home as well as the room should make use of the swing effectively, you might take into consideration just utilizing the swing outside on a sturdy arm or leg or making use of suspension racks.

Always utilize a supported gymnastics floor covering beneath the swing. Make certain to inspect ropes as well as textile prior to each use. OmGym details a lot more personal security standards and set up referrals on its website.

Possible Routines


  • Extend your body right into the fabric bands up until you feel resistance.
  • Suspend your body in between two straps as well as do Plank Pose.
  • Use the ropes and also takes care of to aid when it comes to pull-ups.


  • Practice Handstand, Headstand, as well as Forearm Stand by using bands to support your reduced body as you turn upside down.
  • Extend all limbs by making use of the ropes and also deals with to form an inverted Siren Pose.
  • Decompress the spine by trying out other kinds of inversions.


  • Practice Wheel Pose utilizing the wider band to support your pelvis completely.
  • Extend right into a kind of Camel Posture while suspended from the straps.
  • Make Scorpion Position even more obtainable by placing your hips throughout the wide straps as well as making use of the ropes as well as takes care of to grow the backbend.