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Patanjali Yoga exercise Sutras – Understanding Sheet 6

Five methods of awareness arises in your Self. Just what are they? Proceeds from previous blog post on Patanjali Yoga Sutra # 6

Pratyakshanumanagamaha pramanani

The different type of proof the mind needs are the apparent experiential proof, inferential proof and also scriptural proof. – Patanjali Yoga exercise Sutra # 7

Pratyaksha suggests apparent, experiential. Our mind frequently wishes to have an apparent, strong, experiential evidence. This is one mode of activity of the mind. Another is anumana, which suggests, it is not so obvious, yet you infer and also whatever you presume, you believe.

Agamaha is the proof the mind draws from bibles or from books. Due to the fact that it is written. Also today in specific remote towns, anything published is the plain truth. Many individuals state that given that something is composed it has to be right. We are constantly searching for evidence of something or anything.

Yoga is when you drop this search and follow in the Self. Abiding in the Self does not require proof. Truth can not be recognized via evidence. God is past evidence. You can not show God, nor could you disprove God.

Proof is attached to reasoning and also logic is extremely restricted in its province. This is the exact same with enlightenment, exact same with love. Love could never ever be shown or refuted. This is not in the realm of the seer. The seer is past proof.

Viparyayo mithyajnanamatadrupa pratishtam

Wrong understanding is understanding the unbelievable in a kind that is not its very own. – Patanjali Yoga exercise Sutra # 8

Most of the moment you impose your own concepts, perspectives as well as feelings on others and you think that is just how they are. This is called viparyaya. You have an inability facility or you suddenly see somebody else behaving very arrogantly. They may not be egotistic and also you are not being ill-treated by them. But you suddenly really feel that you are being ill-treated. You are not respected since you do not regard on your own. You think that others do not respect you. This tendency of your mind is viparyaya. Unexpectedly individuals really feel that they are not being loved.

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Shabdajnananupati vastushunyo vikalpaha

It is a type of hallucination followed in sequence by simple words or knowledge and also which, actually, is without fact. – Patanjali Yoga exercise Sutra # 9

Vikalpa is a kind of a hallucination. Absolutely nothing of that type exists, simply mere words which do not bring much meaning hover psychological. This fantasy is called vikalpa, the third modulation of mind or chitta.

Vikalpa can be of 2 kinds. One might be a happy, pleasant fantasy as well as the various other can be ungrounded concerns. ‘What will happen if I die tomorrow? Suppose I have an accident?’ These are all just simply appears which have no value. Ungrounded anxieties psychological or fantasies.

Abhavapratyayalambana vruttirnidra

Sleep is that inflection of the mind which has, for its objective, substratum, the reason for non-existence. – Patanjali Yoga Sutra # 10

If the mind is not in any kind of among the above discussed 3 modulations, then in the 4th place it fallings asleep. The 5th activity of the mind is smruti, which is remembering the encounters it had.

Anubhuta vishaya sampramoshaha smrutihi

Remembering the past experiences. – Patanjali Yoga exercise Sutra # 11