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Dear Rinpoche,

I am an emotional eater. I consume (and also overeat) when I’m not starving to console feelings of anxiety and stress, along with enjoyment. While I haven’t constantly had this problem, I have actually seen it a lot more pronounced in the in 2014. I wish to train myself to eat far better, but I’m really feeling annoyed as well as aren’t sure where to start. What would certainly you suggest as a course of action?

Anxious Eater

Dear Anxious Eater,

When taking care of a concern that feels impossible, it’s handy to think regarding the vast potential of mind. The mind constantly has the possible to obtain far better, and also there are lots of exercises that could aid bring about improvement.

The first technique I desire to share is the easy practice of ‘creating space.’ All you require to do is take a minute to accentuate the area over your head. Really feel that space, discover it. See where it finishes, where it doesn’t end. Simply look. Then bring focus to the area before you as well as do the same trait. Feel the area to the right as well as left of you, behind you, and listed below you. Just delicately check out the space of your surroundings. You aren’t actually ‘meditating,’ so much as examining via sensation. Turn your focus on this openness, then relax into it. At initially, you might not detect anything, however I guarantee that by the 20th time you attempt this, you will certainly feel an opening in your upper body, an agility. You might also feel really exhausted. If this happens, not a problem, simply take a snooze. That nap is so a lot more relaxing than regular sleep.

You can do this method anywhere at any moment. When you really feel the impulse to consume as a result of anxiousness or anxiety, quit as well as carefully do this technique, and after that see how you feel.

You could additionally exercise gently bringing focus to your breath. Do not concentrate on your breath as if you require to ‘win,’ like you are taking an examination. Just carefully accentuate the air entering as well as leaving your nose. Let your eyes remainder in the room in front of you, as well as hang loosened. The breath is a support that helps you rest. With time, you can gradually lower interest on the breath up until you are relaxing loosely and alertly in room. This will assist your mind relax.

It’s likewise great to advise on your own of the strength of the mind with writing. Document a good statement like, ‘The mind always has the capacity for enhancement,’ or, ‘There is no restriction to what the mind can develop,’ or something that is inspiring for you, and put that paper someplace where you can see it. Maybe you could tape it to your restroom mirror. Most notably, however, you have to know ways to hang loose and also relax. You don’t should focus also intensely on this consuming habit. Hanging loosened as well as relaxing will help you far better than anything.

Lastly, one more practical tip that might help is to maintain a healthy snack like blended nuts or dried out fruits in a tiny shipment. Whenever you fidget or excited and feel the desire to consume, you could exercise making space as well as after that consume that smaller sized portion rather of a harmful meal.

With Compassion,