Cooling Breath/ Shitali Pranayama

Shitali Pranayama (Cooling Breath) is an effective way to cool the body and calm the mind while eliminating toxins from the system. It is also stated to alleviate a variety of stomach as well as lower-abdominal ailments. Attempt this kind of breathing on a cozy day when the heat has you really feeling overwhelmed.

yoga nidra
  • Sit with your spine easily extended.
  • Curl the sides of your tongue to form a straw between your lips.
  • Inhale via the opening created by your tongue for a count of 7. Note: – Breath matter could be modified to fit your convenience level.
  • Withdraw your tongue, close your mouth, and also hold your breath for a matter of 7.
  • Repeat 5 or 6 times.

Humming Bee Breath / Brahmari

The resonance dued to this electrifying breath, much like the one produced when chanting Om, helps you launch stress by relaxing the body and mind. Concentrating on audio and also vibration additionally assists ground you in the existing moment, filling you with peace and satisfaction. As you do this breathing workout, envision you are resting outdoors on a sunny day, paying attention to the soothing hum of honeybees operating in a flower-filled garden.

types of yoga
  • Sit conveniently with your spine erect.
  • Close or lower your eyes
  • Inhale deeply for a matter of 7. Note: – Breath count could be customized to fit your comfort level.
  • With lips split somewhat, hum as you exhale for a count of as high as 14.
  • As the momentum creates, see if you can get your lips to vibrate as you exhale.
  • Repeat 2 more times.