Vajrasana comes from 2 words i.e. Vajra which means diamond or thunderbolt and asan implies seat. Vajrasana pose is also known as Diamond Posture, Pelvic Pose, Thunderbolt Posture, Kneeling Posture or Adamantine Pose. This is a posture which forms the base of numerous various other asans. To name a few are Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, Bhastrika (pranayam) as well as Kid Posture (Balasan).


How to do Vajrasana

  1. Sit on the floor on a floor covering or directly on the ground.
  2. Fold your legs and also rest in such a way such that your heel touches your butt.
  3. Place your practical your lap exactly as received the figure in this article. You may allow your hands face the sky as well.
  4. Hold the sitting position for two minutes (to begin with). You will feel a painful pain in your feet if you are not habituated to resting this way. You could stretch your legs and remainder for a while and start again.
  5. Don’t surrender. Sit for a minimum of 2 minutes. You need to raise the minutes with time. It is even possible to rest on Vajrasana present for almost half an hour.

It’s thought about the most effective to do Vajrasana after having food yet you can do it at any time of the day. Moving on to the second component, we will certainly explain to you the advantages of doing vajrasana. Note: If you really feel an intense discomfort in your feet, you can use a cushion.

** If you have had some leg injury, please do refrain from doing this without expert guidance.

Benefits of Vajrasana

  1. It helps in digestion.
  2. Sitting in this pose helps in reduction of the hips.
  3. It helps in obtaining rid of constipation.
  4. It helps to overcome stomach disorder.
  5. A few minutes of Vajrasana and you could really feel the mind relaxing. Thus helps you in relaxing.
  6. It aids in boosting the blood circulation in the body.
  7. Yoga always helps in weight loss. So does vajrasana!
  8. Vajrasana is the posture in which lots of asans are done. Some of them have actually been named at first of this article.
  9. It assists in curing urinary problem.
  10. It helps in making the reduced body flexible.
  11. It also assists in combating acidity.
  12. It aids in enhancing the sexual organs.
  13. It aids in toning of body muscular tissues like the hips, thighs and also the calf muscles.
  14. It helps in healing different body ailments like vericose capillaries and joint pains.
  15. This position is a magic posture for people suffering from joint inflammation as it acts as a painkiller.