Surya means sun and namaskar is salutation. Surya Namaskar it is nothing but Sunlight Salutation. Its roots depend on India where the bulk Hindu population prayer the Sun God i.e Surya. Surya Namaskar can do that which months of weight loss cant’ t. Not simply weight loss, it’s lot more than just weight loss. It guarantees bodily, social, psychological and also psychological well being. Below at HNBT we have actually chosen to clarify to you the benefits of surya namaskar and how to do Surya Namaskar.

The Science Behind Surya Namaskar

You do not truly require this bit. However the clinical reason behind Surya Namaskar is so fantastic, that I assumed it would be overall oppression if I didn’t discuss it with you people.

Surya Namaskar was established by the saints several years back. They thought that the body is comprised of different Devas. Devas are divine light or magnificent impulses. The central component of the body is the solar plexus. Solar plexus lie behind your navel. They are liable for the creativity, will power, self-discipline, self-confidence, heat in your individuality as well as feelings. So when you practice SN on a regular basis, after that the solar plexus is enhanced and also you come to be well balanced and also a better human being.

How much weight do you lose in Thirty Minutes of Surya Namaskar

Weight lifting = 199 calories

Tennis = 232 calories

Basketball/ coastline volleyball= 265 calories

Football = 298 calories

Cycling = 331 calories

Rock climbing = 364 calories

Running = 414 calories


How to do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)?

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Step by step overview of do the Surya Namaskar Asanas

Step 1#

kundalini yoga
Pranamasana : Stand in an upright placement. Join your hands and also maintain them against your breast. Relax.

It advertises balance and also stimulates the respiratory system system.

Step 2#

ashtanga yoga
Hasta Uttanasana : Take a deep breathe in as well as increase your arms upwards. Arch your body in reverse while face the sky.

Promotes equilibrium and also digestion, extends the upper body as well as introduces versatility in the spine.

Step 3#

prenatal yoga
Hasta Padasana : Breathe out and bend ahead to touch your feet with your hands without bending your knees.

Promotes blood flow, stretches the back and also leg muscular tissues, stimulates nerves and lymphatic system.

Step 4#

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Ashwa-sanchalan-asana : Take a deep take a breath and also extend your left leg in reverse. Balance your body on your left toe with the heel directing upwards. At the same time the ideal leg is bent at knees as well as hands touch the floor.

Strengthens hands and also wrist muscles,

Step 5#

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Parvatasana : Breathe out as well as launch your left leg and also keep it alongside the ideal leg. The placement of palm remains unchanged.

Improves blood circulation, strengthens hands and also wrist, improves balance

Step 6#

yin yoga

Ashtanga namaskar : Inhale and also elevate your hips while the toes, knees and also face touch the floor.

Strengthens legs as well as arm muscle mass, extends back muscle mass, releases stress on shoulders.

Step 7#

yoga nidra
Bhujangasana : Breathe in and also push your body in reverse such that the face flexes backwards and also points towards the sky.

Increases blood flow, extends the upper body, tones digestive tracts and promotes flexibility.

Step 8#

Parvatasana: Take a breath out as well as release your left leg and also maintain it alongside the ideal leg. The position of palm stays unchanged. (Like Step5)

Step 9#

Ashwa-sanchalan-asana: Take a deep take a breath and stretch your left leg in reverse. Balance your body on your left toe with the heel aiming upwards. Meanwhile the appropriate leg is curved at knees as well as hands touch the flooring. (Very same as Step4)

Step 10#

Hasta Padasana: Take a breath out as well as bend ahead to touch your feet with your hands without bending your knees. (Like Step3)

Step 11#

Hasta Uttanasana: Take a deep take a breath in as well as increase your arms upwards. Arch your body in reverse while face the sky. (Exact same as Step2)

Step 12#

Pranamasana: Stand in an upright placement. Join your hands as well as maintain them against your chest.Relax. (Like Step1)

Repeat the same with the best leg. When both the sets are done after that you finish one round of Surya Namaskar. Something should be kept in mind that this yoga in carried out in rounds which consists of both the legs. You could start this off with 3 rounds for a beginning and also progressively increase the number. You are suggested to do this day-to-day very early in the morning prior to you start of your day. It offers a really enormous energy which could be consumed throughout the day. It can also be carried out in the evenings but the power created will certainly be of no use once the day ends. When executed completely, no body part is harmed. It must also be done barefooted. After finishing all rounds, you must exist down for time. Make certain to take bathroom just after 20 minutes.

PS: Sun Salutation must be done under expert assistance for the first time.

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Ultimate Advantages of Surya Namaskar

The advantages of Surya Namaskar are huge, be it mentally or physically. Here are a few of its benefits that could motivate you to exercise this effective yoga.

  1. It’s something more than weight loss.
    Since SN enhances the solar plexus, they are accountable for boosting the imagination, will certainly power, self-discipline, confidence, heat in your personality as well as emotions in you.
  2. Toning up of muscle mass and also weight loss
    SN has a bunch of stretching yoga exercise presents that will assist you to stretch all the body muscular tissues. For this reason it maintains the muscle mass toned as well as minimizes flabbiness. It is a terrific workout for weight loss. Of program, you have to do it for atleast a month prior to you see reduction in your weight.
  3. For beautiful hair
    Women hunger for lovely hair. So do men. SN makes sure avoidance of greying of hair. It additionally hinders the falling of hair. The forward as well as in reverse flexes ensure great and also fresh supply of blood to the aid, therefore supplying nutrition to the hair and also scalp.
  4. Helps to develop our Sixth Sense
    The size of our solar plexus rises from the size of an almond to the size of our palms. The plexus, also understood as the 2nd Brain of the human body. The development of plexus assists us create our user-friendly capability. It also aids us be a lot more focused in life.
  5. How it benefits children
    There are different ways in which kids gain from regular practise of Surya Namaskar– improves concentration as well as immunity, condition the body, calms the mind, enhances focus and memory power, greater efficiency as well as metabolic process. It also introduces the versatility of back as well as the arms and legs.
  6. How it benefits women
    The very typical problem we ladies deal with is thyroid. It keeps a look at thyroid. Menstrual process becomes routine with normal practise of Surya Namaskar. All pain of menopause disappears. It is an excellent exercise for making your face glow as well as noticeable indicators of ageing like line. Nevertheless, it’s the most effective exercise for weight loss.
  7. How it benefits men
    It is an extremely efficient method to lower anxiety. It additionally aids slim down as well as condition the body muscle mass. It boosts endurance as well as assists men to focus better.
  8. Other body benefits
    SN helps us feel freshened and maintains us going through the day. It likewise looks after the wellness of all the inner organs of the body. It likewise assists boost the blood circulation of blood in the body. Generally it seeks out nevertheless the body systems– the blood circulation system, the nerve system, the digestive system, etc.
  9. Psychological Benefits
    SN makes you really feel alive. It offers your confidence an increase. Some rounds of SN and you understand that your day will certainly excel. Because your 6th feeling is awakened, you enjoy the benefits of the 2nd Human brain. It will soothe your mind and also maintain you sharp. It will certainly keep you stimulated and delighted all day long. It instills positivity in you. You will eliminate lethargy.

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Thus we could see just how essential it is to consist of Surya Namaskar in our everyday routine. Saints have been doing this for ages. The most effective component regarding surya namaskar is that it just offers positive impacts and also none of side effects. Not only does it inspect your bodily well being yet also your inner as well as mental wellness. Surya namaskar maintains you freshened all day long. This acts like a topping on the cake, especially when your life is demanding. When you enjoy, you can spread out joy around as well as create an accordant ambience. It likewise rekindles your spirituality, psychological quality as well as concentration, decreases organic age, boosts metabolic rate, improves position, gets rid of anxieties and also betters sight. Now who would not desire that? Proceed as well as try it out right away.