Baddha konasana – Bound angle pose

Seated yoga exercise present likewise understood as Cobbler pose

Baddha konasana or the bound angle pose is a seated yoga pose. It is also known as cobbler pose (that is how Indian cobblers sit) or a butterfly pose.

Yogasana name in Sanskrit and also the English meaning

The definition of the name baddha konasana is baddha = bound, kona = angle, asana = position. So baddhakonasana suggests bound angle pose.

It is a quite simple pose and can be done by almost everyone. Practice it regularly and you will certainly improve in doing it over a duration of time.

How to do baddha konasana – bound angle – cobbler pose

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  1. Sit on your yoga exercise floor covering or covering in dandasana, when it comes to your legs directly before you. Your back must be straight.
  2. Bend both your knees, signing up with both your soles when it comes to each various other closer to your body.
  3. Hold both ankle joints when it comes to your hands. Stay for 30 secs.
  4. Inhale as well as bend ahead trying to get to the floor with your head. You might put your elbow joints on your calf bones to press the legs downward however do not push the knees.
  5. Bend ahead just as long as you can conveniently. It ought to not be agonizing.
  6. Stay in the bent position breathing normally for 1 minute or longer (up to 5 minutes) if you can.
  7. While exhaling, raise your head and rest directly once more. Launch your ankle joints, spread the legs ahead.

You have finished baddha konasana.

Benefits of baddha konasana – bound angle pose

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  1. Improves circulation.
  2. Relieves sciatic pain.
  3. It helps in preventing hernia.
  4. Helps regulation of menses .
  5. Reduces depression, exhaustion and also anxiety.
  6. Opens up hips as well as stretches inner thighs and groin.
  7. Stimulates the reproductive body organs, overies in females.
  8. Relieves the issues that include menopause
  9. It is very practical for expecting ladies as it aids in all-natural childbirth.
  10. This present is handy for those when it comes to urinary troubles. It promotes kidneys as well as bladder.


Do not attempt to press your knees to the flooring. Let them decrease just as high as you can do without pain in the knees.