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Patanjali Yoga Sutras – Knowledge Sheet 3

In the earlier blog posts, we told you the story of exactly how Patanjali came to be. We now start the series on Patanjali’s Yoga exercise Sutras.

Atha yoganushasanam

Now I will enunciate the self-control of Yoga.

– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #1

Shasana implies rules a person enforces on you. Anushasana is the guideline you impose upon yourself. Do you see the difference? Currently, why is yoga called a self-control? Where is the requirement for discipline? When does the requirement for self-control arise?

When you are dehydrated and also intend to consume alcohol water, you do not say ‘Oh! This is a guideline, I must consume alcohol water’. When you are starving, you merely eat. When it pertains to the concern of delighting in oneself, no self-control is necessary.

Where does discipline come into the picture?

Discipline develops when something is not really lovely to start with. Isn’t it? When you enjoy, when you are in peace or happiness, then you are currently in on your own. There is no self-control there. When the mind is wagging its tail all the time, then self-control is crucial to soothe it down.

The fruit of it is eventually euphoric, joyous. As a diabetic states, ‘I have the self-control not to eat sugar.’

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There are 3 kinds of happiness.

  • Sattvic– joy which is not enjoyable to start with, however ends in joy
  • Rajasic– joy that seems to start well but ends in misery
  • Tamasic– there shows up to be happiness however in truth there is just torment from starting to end

No discipline is necessary for tamasic happiness. Wrong self-control results in rajasic joy. For sattvic happiness, self-control is important to start with. It need not be awkward constantly. Yet if it is unpleasant, after that you must have the ability to birth with it. You require discipline. That is why Patanjali begins with the existing, when points are not clear as well as when your heart is not in the right place.

Now allow us check into the discipline of yoga

It is nobody’s imposition, it is self-imposed. There is a lot we trouble ourselves– every morning we get up and comb our teeth, we then comb them once again before going to sleep. This is your self-control. Nevertheless, these have actually been self-imposed from youth. Haven’t they?

When you were a youngster, your mother needed to enforce the discipline on you. Then, once it came to be a habit, you recognized it was for your own excellent. After that you located it was no more your mom’s guideline however your own.

In the same means, keeping yourself clean, sanitary, exercising, practicing meditation, being kind, mindful etc. All these policies you have enforced on yourself are all discipline. Isn’t really it?

Yoga implies unifying with your resource. When does that take place? This occurs when the mind, which is babbling at all times, suddenly ends up being silent.