prenatal yoga

On September 2nd, I’ll be co-teaching with two of my very first teachers, Colleen Saidman and also Rodney Yee, for the Löle White Tour in New York City. Below is a small amount sneak peek of the series we’ll lead at the occasion. Each pose assists produce a secure structure, open us architecturally, as well as boost us internally. As you resolve the poses, bear in mind to breathe, smile, and also remain close to yourself and to those who load your day with tranquility. Breathe 3 to 5 breaths in each position and repeat on the other side.

Kneeling Rock Pose

Center yourself, welcome on your own. Land in your practice.

Cat and Cow

Create a framework with hands and also feet. Inhale to round your spine, exhale to curve.

Downward Dog

Bend your knees a little bit, root your index finger knuckles, reach your seat high, and also lengthen your spine.

Chair on Balls of Feet

Take opposite arm joints with your palms, and frame your head with your arms. Lift your heels, bend your knees, reach your seat back, and smile.

Standing Forward Bend

Bend your knees, location your heels in your palms (like a round in a mitt), and also fold your underarms right onto your kneecaps till they’re attached. With slightly bent knees, maintain those links and reach your seat as well as pelvic flooring high.

Triangle with Flipped Wrist

Turn the fingers of your bottom give out sideways and also all the back. Keep in mind just how that broadens that collarbone, and also opens your base lung. Maintain your arches high, and from your hips to your feet, extend your legs long.

Half Moon Pose

Be sure your standing knee is straightened with your 3rd toe, lift your standing arch up, raise your kidneys, and also expand from the inside.

Warrior III

Smile and also lift your inner body up, arms at your sides. Delight in a peaceful trip.


Bring hands to petition before your heart for a minute of grounding, after that raise your hands high as much as hug your head gently with your arms. Breathe as well as persuade quietly like a majestic tree.

Modified Side Plank

Press down into the border of your palm, origin your external back foot down and also raise the arc. Keep in mind how your inner body climbs as you expand breath right into your high hand.


Root the tops of your toes, specifically your infant toes, elevate your back body and light up your heart. Soften your eyes and delicately smile.

Revolved Bent-Knee Seated Onward Bend

Ground your bent-knee resting bone as well as your lower arm versus your extended inner leg, use that leverage to lift your organs, open your interior areas and also breathe deeply.

Bound Angle Pose

Draw your feet toward your hips up until you really feel a soft opening in your tummy. Ground your seat as well as really feel a peaceful lift inside.

Seated Forward Bend, 3 Variations

Variation 1: Bend your knees as you performed in your Standing Forward Bend, location your stomach on your thighs, underarms on your knees. Look forward, smile with your whole face.

Variation 2: Reach your seat back, lengthen your front body ahead, and raise your back body long to your feet.

Variation 3: If you want, reach your seat back even further, push your tummy downward and reach your hands for the mudra. Still smiling, infuse the smallest spaces to develop a prevalent tranquility throughout your body.

Seated Meditation

Observe the pause at the end of each exhalation. Let your body, currently much more peaceful, be full of waves of peace.


Drop into a serene remainder. Let your muscular tissues kick back totally, and also as Colleen claims in her publication, Yoga For Life, “Clean the slate.”