‘ It is extremely easy to be fat, nevertheless, it is challenging to live your life similarly. You may inform yourself every little thing – you are not remarkably fat, or individuals must appreciate you the way you are, or how weak the matter of being fat is.’

I comprehend this due to the fact that I have said the very same to myself continuously for 20 years of my life.

I was born a 10 lbs baby, very healthy and balanced and also very adorable. And also because every person likes fat infants, I was the celebrity baby. Nevertheless, the weight kept increasing tremendously with age, as well as the cuteness had vanished someplace down the line.

Teenager Niharika


At 159 cms, I weighed 160 pounds, which was absolutely an issue. I had tried losing weight a couple of times, however I failed. I couldn’t resist that cheese burger, and I despised working out.

So one morning, I decided to lose weight, no issue what. I joined the nearest health club and also began going there routinely. The initial 15 days were very difficult. Waking up at 6 in the early morning, working out for 2 hrs, not consuming alcohol soft drink – all this was quite challenging for me.

I am sure it is for you. The tough work paid off.

Transformation of Niharika Banarajee

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In 8 months, I shed 35 lbs. I am ultimately slim. Though I am still working with my body to end up being as fit as I could possibly come to be. How did I do it? Keep reading!

Weight Loss Diet regimen Complied with by Niharika Banerjee

What you need is determination. What seems difficult to you on the first day will certainly become your cozy up exercise in a few weeks. The feeling you get when you see your dual chin disappear is incredible. In a couple of weeks, you would certainly recognize that the fat on your back is a lot lesser compared to it utilized to be. And progressively, you discover yourself slim as well as healthy and balanced. Read: How To Lose Belly Fat Fast?

The diet I followed –

  1. Have a glass of luke cozy water with lemon juice as well as honey.
  2. 20-30 mins later on, have some tea or coffee or biscuits (ideally environment-friendly tea and Marie biscuits).
  3. 2 hrs later on, have your breakfast. You could consume poha (prevent including potatoes in it), or 2 chappatis and some
  4. vegetable prepared in hardly any oil. I consume 2 chappatis and also 1 egg. You can additionally eat some cereal.
  5. 2 hours later on, have some Marie biscuits or some popcorn.
  6. 2 hours later on, have your lunch. It needs to include environment-friendly veggies, chappati, some rice (hardly any) and also daal (a lot more in amount). Additionally, include salad to your meal.
  7. 2 hours later on, have a bowl of seasonal fruits.
  8. Before going to the gym, eat a banana and a few nuts. After working out, have a coffee cup of chocolate milk with sugar free.
  9. 2 hours later on, eave a sandwich – dice cucumber, tomatoes and/or boiled chicken pieces/paneer/eggs. Add a spoon of installed curd, grill the sandwich if you like, and also you’re good.

Important idea – NEVER SKIP DISHES. NEVER.

Weight Loss Work Out Routine Followed by Niharika Banerjee

My work out regime

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