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A few weeks ago we discovered this post as well as were deeply touched. A young school lady named Phyllis contacted Albert Einstein with an existential quandary about religion and also faith. Her things ‘Do scientists pray, and also exactly what do they hope for?’ is even more than a naive sweetness, it is a profound whisper toward the nature of living in a time in which scientific research and modern technology profess to have all the answers. Just how can we fit in faith in ‘something higher’ when we have a clinical analog with a clear conclusion to almost every one of our spiritual or philosophical yearnings? Without unwavering religious devotion, it’s difficult for most. Right here’s how Einstein answered …

January 19, 1936

My dear Dr. Einstein,

We have brought up the question: Do researchers hope? in our Sunday college class. It started by asking whether we can believe in both science and also religion. We are composing to researchers as well as other crucial males, to attempt as well as have our very own things answered.

We will feel substantially recognized if you will certainly answer our things: Do researchers hope, as well as what do they hope for?

We remain in the sixth quality, Miss Ellis’s class.

Respectfully yours,


January 24, 1936

Dear Phyllis,

I will attempt to respond to your inquiry as simply as I can. Below is my answer:

Scientists think that every occurrence, consisting of the events of human beings, is due to the laws of nature. Therefore a researcher can not be inclined to think that the course of occasions could be affected by prayer, that is, by a supernaturally shown up wish.

However, we should yield that our actual knowledge of these pressures is incomplete, so that ultimately the idea in the existence of a final, best spirit hinges on a type of faith. Such belief stays widespread despite having the present accomplishments in science.

But additionally, everyone who is seriously entailed in the quest of science transforms into persuaded that some spirit appears in the legislations of deep space, one that is vastly premium to that of man. This way the interest of science leads to a religious feeling of an unique sort, which is surely quite various from the passion of someone more naive.

With cordial greetings,

your A. Einstein