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11 Tips to Better Sunlight Salutation

Are you practicing Sunlight Salutation? Wish to cheer up your experience also more? Below are some basic and useful pointers that can aid make your Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) encounter full as well as joyous. Happy Sun Saluting!

Tip # 1: Heat up the body before you start Surya Namaskar

It is a good suggestion to do some Sukshma Vyayama or gentle workout stretches before you start with the Surya Namaskar rounds. This assists eliminate uneasyness in the body and prepares it for Surya Namaskar yoga exercise postures.

Tip #2: East or West?

Where to encounter while doing Surya Namaskar? Do it encountering the East direction if you are doing Sun Salutation in the morning and the West direction if you are doing it in the evening.

Tip # 3: Add the attitude of gratitude

It makes a large distinction! You will certainly have the ability to appreciate your stretches far more. That smile could maintain the power going.

Tip # 4: Do your Surya Namaskars gracefully

This ends up being important when you strive to accomplish a higher target of Surya Namaskar rounds (some people could also increase to 108 sun salutations) Even when you choose up pace, do not do the positions with a jerk or with force. Permit the positions to stream delicately and beautifully one right into the other.

Tip # 5: Keep a smile on your face

It makes a huge difference! You will be able to enjoy your stretches a lot more. That smile could maintain the energy going.

Tip # 6: Do your Surya Namaskars with awareness

This is a very necessary component in the whole technique. Surya Namaskar could possibly be very invigorating (believe it or otherwise!) if finished with appreciation, style, at a sluggish rate and also with recognition on the breath. In the Ashtanga Namaskara (Sixth posture), the solar plexus matching to the navel chakra, the storage tank of power, gets turned on, launching a great deal of power in the body, making us feel extremely energetic. If done with appropriate recognition, one could feel the circulation of power beginning with the Navel chakra to the whole body. For me, occasionally resting in Shavasana (Corpse Pose) after Surya Namaskar comes to be next to difficult because of so much of energy in the body!

Tip # 7: Breathing must be natural

While doing Sunlight Salutation, breathe normally (not in Ujjayi). Breathing needs to not be strong. Breathe gradually, gently as well as effortlessly, with awareness on each breath that you breathe in and also exhale. Try and keep the breath attuned to every body movement.

Tip # 8: Surya Namaskar is best done with concept chanting

Through their power of resonance, the Sunlight Salutation mantras have a subtle yet powerful and permeating effect on the mind as well as body. Each of the 12 Surya Namaskar postures have 12 corresponding rules stated in honor of the Sunlight. Additionally, as you do each pose, take your attention to the chakra (12 chakras for every single posture). In the initial posture (Namaskarasana), we take our interest to the Anahata Chakra located at the heart level. Doing your Sun Salutations with mantra chants and also awareness on chakras, adding a feeling of appreciation, adds a profound spiritual as well as meditative aspect to your practice.

Tip # 9: Sunlight Salutation can be a workout or an exercise

The latter jobs well for those that are pressed for time. A few rounds of Sunlight Salutation could provide a detailed body workout in a span of 10-15 mins! As a regular method, 6 sets or 12 rounds of Sunlight Salutation are sufficient. You can likewise do it as a workout exercise, prior to getting involved in Padma Sadhana or other extreme yoga exercise poses. If you are practicing Surya Namaskars as part of your warm-up, you could do them at a rather faster rate. When you exercise them as component of the yoga exercise position practice, you could keep slow to medium speed. After a few rounds, the body really feels light and versatile as well as the stretches in the active yoga exercise poses end up being deeper. If you have backache, prevent exercising Sun Salutations at a quick pace.

Choose your own yoga plan

For busy yogis – Sun Salutation → Relax in Yoga Nidra

If you have more time – Warm-up stretches
→ Sunlight Salutation (begin sluggish, go quick, end up slowly)
→ Intense yoga exercise postures → Relax in Yoga exercise Nidra
→ Complete with pranayama & meditation

Tip # 10: Loosen up after finishing Surya Namaskar

As you complete your last round of Surya Namaskar, rest as well as relax your whole body. For ideal results, it is a good idea to rest in Yoga Nidra, providing the body adequate time to absorb the results of the stretches. If you are short on time, you could loosen up for a few mins in Corpse Pose, for total remainder to the mind and body.

Tip # 11: The key is in placing initiative and also after that allowing go

Last, but surely not the least, this is the most important suggestion to improve your Surya Namaskar encounter. Like every yoga position, when you start doing Surya Namaskars at first, you will require to place in a little effort. That initiative is needed, as it helps channelize the Rajoguna or restlessness in the body then what continues to be is basic consistency or Sattva. Rajoguna obtains tired with exercise and also Sattva leads you to meditation– the feeling of allowing go.

Including all of these in our everyday practice of Surya Namaskar can make the experience a full sadhana– one which includes asana (pose), pranayama (breathing), rule (chants) and chakra meditation. Ever before believed Sun Salutation can be so much more than workout for weight loss?

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( Based on inputs by Dinesh Kashikar, senior Sri Yoga exercise educator and also Dr. Sejal Shah, National Coordinator for Sri Yoga, India.)